5 Most Common Car Detailing Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

5 Most Common Car Detailing Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Common Car Detailing Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Carrying out a car detailing at home and enjoying a professional result is easy when you know how to do it right. Most mistakes take place when newbies try to do it themselves while lacking the experience of experts. Being acquainted with the right methods and materials can help you to enjoy an effective result. It’s best to do it carefully as handling it haphazardly can end up being a disaster. If you are in confusion, work with professional detailing cars in Bedfordshire, Auto Car Storage. A specialist is the most trusted partner who can assist you right in a successful car detailing procedure. 

Let’s dive into the car detailing mistakes that most make but can be avoided:


Following Random Car Wash Practices


You might have noticed in movies how they wash cars under direct sunlight. This is only possible in films. But in reality, this can lead to severe water spots on the car’s surface that do not look good at all.

Cleaning a car from top-to-bottom is a big NO-NO. It’s best to start with the wheels as these are the dirtiest sections in a car. A top-to-bottom cleaning process can end up making the car dirtier.




Working with Wrong Cleaning Products


During DIYing the cleaning agents, most car owners end up using products available at homes such as dishwashing soap, shampoo, and other similar agents. But these can complicate the situation instead of washing the car thoroughly. From micro-scratches to exposure to UV rays to mildew growth – you can end up with anything. Do these look good? Obviously NO!




Tring to Clean the Car at a Dark Place


A dark, gloomy garage area is never ideal for a thorough car detailing. And it’s the worst when you are cleaning the car interior. It might look like the car is cleaned properly, but once you take it out under the sun, the loopholes become visible.




Over Waxing

The wax might protect the color and offer the car exterior a shine, but overuse can lead to a too-thick moldy-looking substance that won’t stick to the car for long enough and uniformly.

The use of an incorrect wax applicator is another common problem that you should take care of. Wax manufacturers offer a foam or sponge applicator with the material which is the ideal tool to apply the wax evenly.

Pouring the liquid wax right on your car can lead to discoloration or uneven streaks that diminish a vehicle’s look.

Clean the surface before wax application for a smooth, even surface and glowy car exterior.



Using Old Clothes as Towels


Always invest in Microfiber towels that are made for car detailing. A lot of car owners try to save money by using old worn-out t-shirts that don’t offer the same results as an authentic cleaning tool.


It’s best to work with an expert who is in detailing cars in Bedfordshire for years and is equipped with all the necessary tools.


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